uk vat registration

What is UK VAT Registration

The VAT registered companies charge a tax on most of the services and goods that are available in the UK. The VAT is applied on the good that is imported from other countries or from the organizations that are outside the European Union.
The UK VAT Registration is very important to deduct your tax. In case that you are registered for VAT and you receive the notification for the tax, you can claim your money back. On the other hand, if you have not registered your business then you will have to pay the tax.
UK VAT Registration
In order to register for VAT, you have to send your applications to the HM Revenue and Customs. When you want to register, make sure that your business is earning more than £85,000. Upon registration, you will get a Vat certificate that consists of the following:
• The VAT number for your organization
• The date for the submission of your first payment and return
• The effective date of registration that is the date you applied for registration or you went over the threshold.
UK VAT Registration Responsibilities
For your UK VAT Registration you have to fulfill the following responsibilities:
• You have to charge the decent amount of VAT
• Make sure to pay all the VAT that are related to HMRC
• Submission of VAT returns should be on time
• Ensure to have your VAT account and all the records for your payments
You will be allowed to charge on your invoice when you have earned your VAT number. Keep in mind that your VAT payments to HMRC will not stop even during this period. To get the UK VAT Registration you are allowed to increase your prices but make sure that your customers are aware of the reason.